Dr. Ted Gregor is a chiropractic physician licensed in the State of Connecticut, who currently has a practice located in Torrington.  In addition to over 16 years of experience as a chiropractor, Dr. Gregor has a wide-ranging background in traditional, as well as holistic medicine. 

He graduated summa cum laude from the Medical School in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he specialized in preventative medicine and neurology.  In the United States, Dr. Gregor graduated from New York Chiropractic College, after which he established his highly successful practice, Soma Clinic, in Litchfield. 

Dr. Gregor’s unique and highly effective approach to treatment reflects his extensive knowledge and experience as a medical doctor in Europe, as well as a holistic health practitioner and chiropractor in the United States.  After a 6 year hiatus in Europe, where he joined the successful practice of his eldest son, also a chiropractor, Dr. Gregor made the decision to return to Connecticut so he could be close to his growing family and grandchildren.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Gregor has recently re-located his practice to Torrington, conveniently located at 30 Peck Road, Suite 1103-A.  To schedule an appointment, please call (860) 489-1800.

Dr. Ted Gregor          Dr. Gregor with one of his younger patients          Dr. Gregor with one of his younger patients

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